Large round or square tables for the living room or the office: here’s how to choose them following Bontempi Casa advices.

Welcoming creativity and the pleasure of sharing: that’s why large tables are here. They are crucial pieces of furniture and steal the scene thanks to their generous volumes and modern design that catch the eye with their originality and elegance. Fixed or extendable, large tables evoke convivial atmospheres, they make us think of big families and the pleasure to invite friends home, but they are also good for other uses and become multi-functional tables as well. In order to give value to these pieces, they need to be placed in the middle of the room, while decorating the main wall in the foreground with complements such as modern mirrors, a storage unit, a design bookcase or a nice wallpaper. To give the right light to the space, you may need more light spots and suspension lamps to distribute along the table. Last but not least, who loves furnishing the house should be focusing on the chairs to match the table as well, they must be chosen in perfect harmony with the design and materials of large tables.

Large tables for the office

Wood makes the environment warmer and more welcoming, thanks to its natural look. Big wooden tables, however, are also perfect pieces of furniture to highlight the charisma of a work environment furnished with taste and an eye for details. In the middle of a meeting room, big tables become silent (but not invisible) protagonists of important meetings and brainstorming with colleagues.



Millennium Table XXL with lacquered metal structure and a barked century-old walnut solid wood top; Sveva chairs with solid wood structure and Lexington bookcase.

Millennium XXL fixed table, for instance, has a solid metal structure with simple and elegant design. The top, instead, is available in century-old walnut too. The wood knots visible on the surface, the outer side edge that maintains the original shape of the tree trunk and the slight chromatic variations underline the authenticity and uniqueness of these large solid wood tables. Even the matching chairs have a solid wood structure and take up the solid and enveloping structure of the table.

Large round tables for the lunchroom 

Ideal for the dining room, the large round tables are the space-saving solution that perfectly combines the pleasure of conviviality with the needs of functional and modern furnishings. Without sharp corners, not only do they look more airy and lighter, but they also leave more freedom of movement in the surrounding space. Choosing models with a central base instead of the legs along the perimeter, then, any obstacles for the seats are eliminated – and it is easier to add a seat to the table when needed.


Universe fixed round table with structure and details made of lacquered metal, and central turning tray on the top; Sofia chairs, stuffed and covered with fabric; Pica storage units in lacquered wood.

The round Universe table has a central structure in lacquered metal with three supports, but what really catches the eye is the top, with its mix of materials and several features. The ring top in walnut or oak veneer frames the revolving recessed central top, available in glossy glass or matte scratch-resistant glass, or in SuperMarble. Even the matching Sofia chairs have a lacquered metal structure, and the upholstery can be chosen in a wide range of colours and materials, from velvet to premium leather. To complete the furniture of the dining room, there is the Pica sideboard made in wood and lacquered wood with hinged doors and open compartments. 

Large square tables for the living room

How to furnish the living area by combining style and the needs of everyday life? If you want to create a functional space, starting with the choice of large square tables is an excellent idea. Perfect as dining tables but also to be used as multitasking worktops, to flick through albums of family memories, for exciting evenings dedicated to poker, and much more.


Square Versus fixed table with lacquered aluminum structure in the same colour as the SuperMarble top, and Kelly chairs with solid wood frame, details in lacquered metal and padded and upholstered monocoque

The square-shaped Versus table, suitable for 8 or 12 seats, has a chic and essential design that highlights the value of the materials it is made with. The top can in fact be chosen in SuperMarble, an exclusive Bontempi Casa material that combines the charm of marble with new functional features, or in crystal and scratch-resistant glass. The legs, instead, are in solid wood, the same material of the Kelly upholstered chairs.

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