Bontempi Casa tips to set-up the terrace or the veranda and welcome your guests in style.

Throwing a cocktail party to celebrate a special event, an anniversary, or simply to gather some friends with colleagues and “perfect strangers” within a joyful and informal atmosphere, is always a good idea! A wide terrace or a veranda in the garden are the ideal open-air spaces for aperitifs. The etiquette is simple: firstly, the meeting time, between 6 pm and 8 pm, therefore it’s clear it won’t be a dinner; secondly, the standing set-up.

During a cocktail party, guests expect to sip a drink and enjoy some finger food and sandwiches while standing. So, forget the classic dinner table setup. But this doesn’t mean you won’t have to provide seats and coffee tables. A tall Galaxy barstool is perfect to make the environment similar to a cool café, without going out. The choice of colour is crucial: it should be white if you are hosting a total-white-themed party, light grey or anthracite for an elegant party, mustard yellow, caramel or blue grey to create a livelier environment. Regarding the coffee tables, instead, it’s better to go for light and essential structures, such as Contract coffee table by Bontempi Casa. When needed, they will allow guests to put down their plates and glasses, without stealing the show or getting too much in the way.


The main requirement for a proper cocktail party is a good set-up space. Seats and coffee tables must be placed in order to create a few relax and conversation corners, leaving guests able to move around easily. So, they can walk around, socialize with different groups of people, and there will be the perfect vibe.

How to choose the menu for your cocktail party? Drinks will be the protagonists, but do not forget tasty finger food. If you don’t want to go for a caterer, you can choose three or four cocktails to serve with jugs and provide alcohol-free drinks as well. For the menu, you can opt for seasonal ingredients and simple recipes, easy to be served as finger food or in small aperitifs-plates, placed on the coffee tables you have set. Canapes made with fancy ingredients, quitches, couscous, cheese skewers, fresh fruit are only a few ideas.

To set-up your buffet, you can place the food on several coffee tables, so you will avoid to move people to only one corner. Also, you can get help with a food trolley, a classic piece of furniture, elegant and functional at the same time. Chic food trolley, easy to be moved around thanks to its wheels, will be your ace in the hole. Its 20s-inspired design, made of brass and a crystal top, will make you feel you are at a Great Gatsby’s party.



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