To create a reading corner or to receive guests, here are the Bontempi Casa armchairs perfect on each and every occasion.

In a modern house, the lounge armchair is a detail far from negligible. It is here that we seek tranquillity and relaxation at the end of a long day, it is here that the slow weekend mornings begin, and we immerse ourselves in a good reading or talk with friends. And yet, compared to tables and cupboards, armchairs have a much more recent history. In fact, we had to wait until the 18th Century to see the first seats designed to meet comfort: well-padded and covered with decorative fabrics, armchairs appear among the pieces of furniture of the more affluent families’ houses. In modern times, armchairs appear as a new experimentation of design, playing with smooth materials and contemporary lines.

Living room armchair for the reading corner

How should you set up a reading corner in your living room? Light is one of the most important aspects, along with the choice of the perfect armchair, where you can find all the comfort you need until you reach the end of the chapter (and then read another and another again…). Enveloping shapes and a high back to support the head, along with quality padding, are the features to look for in the ideal armchair made for the reading corner. It must be completed with a large bookcase and perhaps a coffee table to place books and magazines, a cup of tea or coffee to accompany the reading.


Long Island armchair with swivel structure in die-cast lacquered aluminium and covered in leather. Planet coffee table with lacquered metal structure and SuperMarble shelves.

Long Island is the ideal lounge chair for the reading corner and it can be customized with many details to suit the personality of each reader: three different types of base are available with a wide range of coverings. Premium leather, eco-friendly leather or waterproof nubuck coloured in neutral shades for lovers of great classics, wool or velvet for romantic souls, the original Mambo or Lulù fabrics with their mix of tints are just some of the many ideas we suggest you in order to find your ideal lounge armchair.

Alternatively, why not to choose an armchair pairing with a pouf? The Daya armchair with headrest comes with its own ottoman – they both have a functional and modern design, and a soft padded shell that looks like a cloud to grant maximum comfort.


Daya removable armchair and Daya pouf with central swivel base in metal, upholstered shell made in flexible polyurethane and quilted cushions covered with Ecological Leather.

Living room armchair for the conversation area

To create a small sitting area dedicated to entertaining your guests, the choice can fall on models with more open shapes and without particularly high backs. Vintage armchairs in appearance, but modern in design, will give the living room a refined and elegant appearance. Next to a small table to place a lamp and a vase with fresh flowers, they will create the ideal seat to relax in good company and stop looking at the clock.

The Clarissa living room armchair has geometric shapes that seem inspired by the history of design, and large cushions invite you to sit down. The upholstery can be chosen in different materials and colours: white remains a choice of absolute refinement, but why not to experiment with vibrant colours like burgundy or blue?


Clarissa armchair with removable cover in lacquered metal, upholstered seat and back in leather.



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