Dedicated to leisure and conviviality, the basement is certainly one of the most special rooms in the home. First of all, because it is located in a secluded area in relation to the other rooms and is therefore in a way unique.

Dedicated to leisure and conviviality, the basement is certainly one of the most special rooms in the home. First of all, because it is located in a secluded area in relation to the other rooms and is therefore in a way unique. Those who own a basement generally use it for moments of leisure: a dinner with friends, a game of billiards, a good read in front of the fireplace, the tasting of a fine wine or whisky. Furnishing this space without falling into classic clichés is not easy.

The basement: a timeless classic

The style in the basement does not have to resemble that of the house on the upper floors, but there are common sense rules that should be followed. Crucial is the choice of materials and  fabrics, which must not be in total conflict with the rest of the house. However, the basement has an essentially functional and practicalvocation: even the most refined designers are inclined to recommend simple and spartan solutions. That they can, however, accentuate a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

What can’t be missing in a basement

All basements are usually equipped with a kitchenette: a dining area furnished with a large table, perhaps extendable, where dishes can be served to guests. Equally essential is the presence of a nice sofa, where one can relax after a meal and spend quality time together. Among the many existing models, the Dakota by Bontempi:a true furniture system which, by combining the modularity of its elements with dedicated accessories, meets the needs of design, comfort and functionality. The generous use of goose down inside the cushions ensures a high level of comfort, as well as giving the basement a lively and cosy feel.

Another aspect to be taken care of very carefully is thelighting: basement spaces are typically dark and light sources from outside are almost zero. Very useful are the ceiling lamps and small abat-jours. For the same reason, i.e. often dark basement spaces, it is best to opt for light tones such as white and beige when choosing furniture.

Dakota, il divano Bontempi Casa
Dakota, the Bontempi Casa sofa for your basement living room

Basement furniture: rustic or modern style?

Those who are about to furnish a basement face a conceptual crossroads: is it better to go for a rustic style or choose modern inspiration? Obviously, both options are valid but they have advantages and disadvantages.

Rustic-style basement. It is recognised by the use of materials such as wood and stone. Wood, in particular, is the master of the basement: ideal for various pieces of furniture such as the table, chairs, the trim on some walls and the stove shed. In rustic basements, darker and more important woods (such as solid wood) arepreferred for robust tables, benches and stools. To complete a basement furnished in country style, exposed beams on the ceilingare a must, if the height of the house permits. And also a floor with terracotta tiles.

Modern-style basement. Those who do not like rooms with massive furnishings but prefer larger, more airy spacesshould opt for a modern-style basement: without divisions and more liveable. To this end, it is right to focus on minimalist style furniture and a colour palette with neutral tones: the colour white, both in walls and furniture, gives the design a modern touch. The only thing to keep in mind is to moderate the use of black: however chic it may be, for example as a contrast to neutral colours, black weighs it down. Even among wood types, it is best to opt for light colours such as oak or  ash

Ideas for furnishing the basement

Insert a small corner bar. In a basement, it is handy to have a bar corner: to have bottles and glasses available at all times.
Setting up a fireplace. The fireplace in a basement should never be missing. Some models are elegant, perfect for a minimalist style. Others are rougher, ideal for the rustic style.
Considering a storage wall. There are beautiful ones: besides design, they are practical. They can accommodate the TV set, console, books and all the furnishing objects you want to add.
Enrich with a carpet. A nice soft rug, to be placed at the foot of the sofa, lends character to the room. And it can also be used to sit on the floor comfortably.
Arrange cushions. By choosing them in different shapes and shades, the basement acquires liveliness and a touch of colour.

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