The relaxation area is a real place in the place, where you can fully enjoy the tranquility and leisure

More and more people feel the desire to create a relaxation corner at home, a real “place in the place” where they can lighten their thoughts and immerse themselves completely in relaxation by dedicating themselves to their favorite entertainment. Our home is our refuge and the safe place to recharge our batteries leaving behind the frenzy of the outside world, but it is also true that things to do at home never end. This is why it can be useful to dedicate an area only to relaxation. What is needed it is a comfortable armchair and side tables to have everything at hand, but also good lighting and a few tricks: here are our tips for furnishing the relaxation area and enjoying the tranquility.

Choose a relaxation corner with a view

relaxation corner at home
Long Island armchair with swivel structure in lacquered aluminum, padded shell covered in ecological leather. Flexus coffee table with lacquered steel structure and leather top. Cloe floor lamp composed of base and rod in lacquered steel and adjustable arm in lacquered aluminum, with fabric lampshade.

The first thing to do to create a relaxation corner at home is to choose the right place, that is the ideal area to find peace and tranquility: far from the one dedicated to smart working or housework, that could distract from the goal of relaxing, and perhaps near a window overlooking the garden or a panorama that can relax the view. Even the wall where our favorite painting or some beautiful souvenir photos have been hung can be an excellent choice for the area dedicated to relaxation.

Comfort is the key to the relaxation area

The keyword for furnishing the relaxation corner can only be comfort, to be found in a soft and welcoming armchair on which you can sit comfortably for as long as you want. Enveloping shapes, ergonomic backrest and quality padding are the main features to choose the armchair, together with a design that satisfies the eye – because after all, the relaxation area is also the one where we can take refuge to enjoy the comfortable beauty that surrounds us in peace.

The relaxation corner with everything close at hand

sofa with relax
Artistic coffee table with lacquered steel structure in the versions with rectangular top in walnut veneered wood and with round scratch-resistant glass top.

Still on the subject of comfort, one aspect to consider is the possibility of having everything we need to relax within reach, so as not to have to get up and interrupt the desired relaxation. Tables and coffee tables are the ideal solution to make the relaxation corner at home more welcoming, and should be chosen according to our needs in order to accommodate books and magazines or place a cup of tea or a glass of wine, but also scented candles or a fragrance diffuser, because there is nothing more evocative than perfumes to set the mood.

Creating the relaxation area with the right light

Pop table lamp
Pop table lamp in white shaded glass with lacquered steel base.

Last but not least, light is an aspect that should not be underestimated when decorating the relaxation corner at home. It is therefore good to observe how natural light changes over the course of the day to evaluate whether it is appropriate to add a curtain in case it is too strong at certain times, and to choose the right lamp with which to illuminate the relaxation area after sunset. From the table or from the floor, the important thing is that it diffuses a warm light suitable for the activities to which the relaxation corner is dedicated: a little stronger for reading or browsing photo albums, more subdued to have a quiet coffee.

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