Practical advice to illuminate the space: floor lamps, pendant lamps for living room, kitchen, bedroom. Design lamps for the whole house.

The choice of lighting the spaces is fundamental for outlining the style of furniture in a home. In short: how to choose the right design lamps for each room? When choosing a designer lamp, style, color and materials make the difference, in every detail. The market offers many alternatives, so it is often difficult to take a decision that can involve personal taste and practicality.

We at the Bontempi Casa team want to give you some advice to furnish your home or your office with the perfect design lamps that are more contemporary and functional. First of all, we need to start with planning, considering the strategic points of the living space: the size of a room, the flooring, the height of the ceiling, the presence of furniture. Kitchen, living room, bedroom and entrance? Each room has its own peculiarity and it is important to evaluate the characteristics of each one very carefully before buying a lamp.

How to choose the design lamp for each room: suggestions for kitchen, living room, entrance and bedroom

Better a floor or a table lamp? Ceiling light or lampshade? Wall or suspension? The lighting of each room is very important for the overall harmony of a home. Immediately after the presence of windows that allow the diffusion of natural light, it is essential to make strategic choices with artificial light. With the right lamp, even the narrowest space finds equilibrium. Here then how to choose the design lamps of your dreams.

Design floor lamps


Strega Lamp, structure in deep black lacquered steel, lampshade in black fabric inside gold.

Design lamps for the living room? The living room is the space of the house dedicated to sharing, family and friends. Here guests are welcomed, aperitifs are offered and the longest conversations are held. That’s why living room lighting is the primary choice in furnishing. For those who prefer ceiling lamps with diffused light, it is advisable to combine a floor lamp as Strega by Bontempi Casa. The floor lamps are useful for illuminating specific points of the room – for example the area near the sofa or a coffee table, or next to the mirror to duplicate the reflection of lights. A floor lamp ensures atmosphere, soft light, warmth. It is a detail in furnishing that certainly makes the difference. Strega by Bontempi Casa has a lacquered steel structure that rests on the ground and a fabric lampshade. Also available in the suspended model, suitable for modern design kitchens.

Design suspension lamps for kitchen


Gloria lamp, structure in deep black and white lacquered steel.

Lamps for kitchen wanted. In the kitchen, the watchword is practicality. The best design kitchen lamps are simple and functional furnishing accessories. The Gloria lamp by Bontempi Casa is a design suspension lamp, thought especially for large rooms such as contemporary kitchens. It is made of lacquered steel, and often combined in its two minimal white and black colors that blend with all furniture combinations.


Design pendant lamps for living room


Pandora lamp with black lacquered rose window and body in worked and aged brass lacquered steel.

Large dining tables and wall covered with paintings, mirrors and design furniture details. All this goes well with a design pendant lamp, as the light is thus spread out over the whole room, without cluttering or stealing space. In fact, the living room is often the place of the house reserved for bookcases, coffee tables, poufs and other decorative elements. Pandora by Bontempi Casa has a simple suspension metal structure, its surface is delicately perforated, so the light spreads harmoniously. Its design shape makes it an integral part of the surrounding decor.

Bedroom design lamps


Olimpia lamp with black lacquered rose window and natural silver lacquered cage

After an aperitif in the living room, lit by an elegant pendant lamp and a design floor lamp, we move on to the sleeping area. Our most private, intimate space. In the bedroom you need a beautiful design lamp, that we like aesthetically and communicates harmony with its shape and its light – lighting is even more important in the room dedicated to rest. When the light is wrong, too strong or too white, it does not allow us to relax. In the bedroom, therefore, yes to small side lamps and design table lamps with delicate lights on the bedside tables, but to illuminate the entire room the suspension lamp wins it all. This time, however, we can afford more extravagant shapes to accompany our dreams … Olimpia by Bontempi Casa has a subtle geometric structure in lacquered steel that encloses its light bulb in a small sphere like a pearl.

The n.1 rule for choosing a lamp for the home, for the study or the office is always and only one: aesthetics + functionality. The perfect design lamp must guarantee both.

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