Down filled sofas represent the ultimate expression of softnesscombined with aesthetic rigour. They are always made following precise dictates in relation to the quality and origin of the raw material: certified goose down.

Down filled sofas represent the ultimate expression of softnesscombined with aesthetic rigour. They are always made following precise dictates in relation to the quality and origin of the raw material: certified goose down. These sofas are ideal for those who want a basically  soft and fluffy seat that adapts to the posture of the body when lying or sitting.

Choosing down filled sofas means standing out 

Goose down has always been synonymous with exclusivity and the highest quality. This type of material is considered noble because of its intrinsic nature, which results in giving an extraordinary softness to sofas. Basically, goose down is an organic material and, like wool, is considered a natural flame-retardant , it requires no special treatment and is considered optimal for high-security furniture. Goose down is also antistatic, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and insulating. In particular, the down cushion is presented as an envelope sectioned into several compartments: within each section, the ideal amount of down is inserted to create the cushion and make it the soft and cosy element that will be the star of the sofa.

Among the many models that stand out for originality of design and excellence of materials is the Bontempi  Dakota sofa collection. It is a true furniture system that combines the modularity of its elements with dedicated accessories to meet the needs of design, comfort and functionality. The generous use of goose down inside the cushions ensures a high level of comfort, as well as giving the whole room a lively and cosy feel.

Bontempi: Divano Dakota
Dakota, the living room sofa by Bontempi Casa

Down filled sofas: how to find your way around 

Not all feathers are the same , and on the market it is easy to come across sofas that are generically named to as down filled. In these cases, the filling may differ in appearance and quality characteristics. The best fillings obviously remain those made of goose and duck down, whose special features are easily recognisable by their lower weight compared to other fillings. On the other hand, somebody thinks that goose down is far too soft. Thus, to avoid the classic and annoying sinking effect, many brands opt for a mixed solution: they only use natural down for part of the sofa’s internal volume, for example in the backrest. And they complement the rest of the structure with a polyurethane foam core. This special padding mix generates impeccable seating comfort and a tidier, less saggy upholstery appearance. But the percentage of polyurethane foam is also important in establishing whether a sofa is a quality one or not: there are low/medium densities of polyurethane foam (5-10-15-20-25) and there are high densities (30 and up). The density identifies how many kilograms per square metre it takes for the foam to yield. The higher the density, the better: the upholstery of a quality sofa has a density of 30/35 hp for backs and seats. The upholstery of a cheap sofa is made of polyurethane with a density of 15/20 hp for backs and seats.

Upholstered sofas: which to choose and where to place them

When deciding which is the most suitable model for your needs among different sofas, it is a priority to establish the type of use you intend to make of it. The offer is vast: classic or modern sofas, modular sofas, round or rectangular sofas, small sofas, modern leather or fabric sofas, sofas with pouf or armchair, extendable sofas or with peninsula. Those who opt for a classic upholstered sofa usually want it large and soft, suitable for relaxation, to be placed in the living room close to the television or in the centre of the room as the focus of the conversation area.

A long-lasting upholstered sofa must have a frame made of solid wood  and not chipboard, as is often the case with cheap sofas. The upholstery can be made of different materials: lately, polyurethane foam is favoured for its resistance to deformation, alternatively foam rubber or latex in silicone flakes are used. Colour is also of great importance: a dark upholstered sofa will appear larger and more imposing, while a light one will make spaces appear lighter and more airy. As far as upholstery fabricsare concerned, they range from leather to various fabrics to synthetic fibres. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and wool, which are washable but tend to be very delicate, can also be used.

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