Bontempi Casa products at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019, face to face with the artists. Queen Chair by Christian Gori from Archirivolto Studio.

What was the artistic drive behind the creation of the Opera and Queen chairs designed for Bontempi Casa?

The desire to create something new was definitely at the base of it. The whole creation process starts from a blank page and the interpretation of a movement in space. Opera and Queen share a fundamental characteristic: they can move on the surface like in a hug. They aren’t simply two chairs, they are a collection, or even better, a family.

What artistic style do these chairs belong to?

The style of Opera and Queen surely belongs to the Eclecticism movement, an artistic trend that combines different disciplines, cultures and traditions. It’s an eclectic product, because it holds the inspiration of various artists.

What makes Opera and Queen similar and different one from the other?

These two armchairs are an extension of the body that wrap around us and sit around us; they immediately create visual comfort: there is no need to sit down to understand that they are comfortable. At the same time, they are different one another in this concept of comfort: Opera has a more contemporary design, it is suitable for a young audience thanks to the fresh combination of materials and colours. The Queen family on the other hand, is thought for a more mature clientele looking for an attractive and luxurious product.

Which rooms of the house were they thought for?

The dining area is definitely the most suitable space for these two chairs that elegantly sit around a large dining table. Opera and Queen are very generous armchairs and need space to express their shape at their best. Bontempi Casa has much to offer in these terms, having a wide selection of tables and pieces of furniture for the living room.

How did the collaboration with Bontempi Casa start?

Archirivolto Studio has been working with Bontempi Casa for almost 25 years. It all started with my father who used to design wrought-iron beds at the time, and we created the first ones for the brand. We’ve been an extended family since then.

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