Bontempi Casa at Salone del Mobile 2019: the pavilion that has been designed by Bernhardt&Vella combines rounded geometric shapes and neutral colours. The designers speak out about their inspirations.

Where does the inspiration for Bontempi Casa’s pavillion 2019 comes from?

After an initial briefing with the company, we did some research and some considerations on all the stylistic and structural elements typical of the home environment. First of all, the arches are a recurring architectural component in the houses of the Roman period. The sense of opening that the arches confer to the surrounding space gives a feeling of serenity to the inhabitants. Furthermore, the arch is a shape that is linked to Neoclassicism, an artistic movement characterized by rounded and harmonious outlines. It was often used in living spaces of several post-Roman cultures. After all, Bontempi means Home.

How did you choose the colour palette for the pavilion?

In 2019 the Bontempi Casa stand is oriented towards delicate and neutral shades, such as dove-grey and powder pink. Ours was an artistic choice dictated by the intent to exalt the products themselves – in the majority, made in peculiar materials and bright or pastel colours. A neutral and versatile colour palette therefore allowed us to highlight the Bontempi collections in a natural way. The visitor has so the feeling of being immersed in a completely furnished home.

What’s the message that the pavilion is able to give to the visitors?

Nowadays furniture and furnishing accessories are required to release an emotion and something important to their owners. It’s no longer only a matter of furnishing a space with cupboards, bookcases and tables, but it’s also – and above all – about expressing a precise personality and style. What we have tried to tell with the creation of this structure, both to the public and the private markets, is the accessible possibility of creating different bespoke environments. Bontempi Casa offers a wide range of finishes and colours, so the customer feels free to design the house or office with a personal style, without limits and constraints, in an overwhelming feeling of freedom.

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