Round or square design mirrors, standing on the floor or hanging on the wall, to give to special people

How will the exchange of Christmas gifts look like this year? Probably in a restricted form, but what it is certain is that we will not want to give up this tradition to make the people we care about most, feel special. While shopping comes to life, thinking about the year we have spent, one wonders what the most popular gift ideas will be. According to the trends detected by Google on the basis of data collected in the United States, gifts that revolve around the home environment, work from home and personal care are living this Christmas (link /) a golden moment. Therefore, furniture and design gift ideas will have a special place among the presents under the tree – and for this reason we would like to give you some suggestions from the Bontempi Casa catalog.

Let’s start with modern or vintage-style design mirrors, objects-symbols of beauty and vanity but also surfaces that widen the visual horizon and allow the light to expand. To be placed at the entrance or in the bedroom, hung on the wall or placed on the ground, they have generous shapes and frames that make them decorative accessories able to define the occupied space with a particular touch of style. To give as a gift to convey a message that reaches straight to the heart: the most important person is you.

The round mirror like a hug

RENOIR mirror
Renoir fixed shaped mirror.

Elegant and refined, the Renoir round mirror is inspired by the name of the master of impressionism. With its soft shapes and rounded edges, it seems to be willing to express the same lightness and joie de vivre of the artist, even in times of difficulty. Alone or in combination, it can be hung in the living area to enhance the spaces and make them brighter and more welcoming.

The modern mirror that welcomes

BREAK Rectangular mirror
Rectangular mirror Break that can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Among the modern hall mirrors, Break is characterized by a geometric pattern that draws a sort of harmonic crack in the glass with an absolutely contemporary and unusual effect. Rectangular or squared in shape, it can be hung horizontally or vertically, and is the most suitable design gift idea for creative spirits and modernly furnished homes.

The vintage style floor mirror

King free-standing mirror
King free-standing mirror with wall fixing in lacquered steel.

To be placed in the bedroom, next to the wardrobe or even in the living area, King is a floor mirror that is vintage in appearance but very modern in functionality. To be fixed to the wall, it offers a full-length view and it is the perfect companion for those who love to carefully choose their look… as well as that of the pieces of furniture for their home: its lacquered steel structure is in fact available in different colors, from the classic silver and brass to the more unusual red, blue or delicate green.

The mirror as you want it

Square mirror with crystal frame
Square mirror with crystal frame.

Classic only in appearance, Square reveals a detail that makes it unique and customizable: the crystal frame is variable according to preferences, so the mirror can be positioned perfectly in the center or moved to one side. A versatile and original mirror, suitable for different environments and furnishing styles, whose shape can be chosen by the recipient.

In the next issues of the Journal we will tell you about other design gift ideas: keep following us to discover them.

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