Why is it so important to personalize the environment in which we live? Design gathers our dreams, ambitions, desires and inspirations, and gives them a shape, a consistency, a color. The Bontempi Casa Configurator helps you to customize the decoration.

Why is it so important to personalize the environment in which we live? Why is the customization of objects and furnishing accessories so fashionable? The answer is very simple: design collects our dreams, ambitions, desires and inspirations, and gives them a shape, a consistency, a color. It is the most immediate and real way to transform thoughts and emotions into concrete, tangible objects. Without falling into the trivial, our psychology reflects the way we dress, the food we eat, the people we decide to attend. And so the furniture for our home says a lot about our personalities: if we prefer light colors, or bright ones, cold materials like steel or “warm” ones like wood. Every choice of style represents a different way of thinking, and as human beings we tend to surround ourselves with what resembles us, with something in which we see ourselves.

From this need arises a project we at Bontempi Casa care a lot for: the Configurator. A useful and functional tool that allows you to customize all the furnishing accessories we create and sell. Tables, coffee tables, chairs and armchairs, lamps, mirrors, sideboards and bedside tables, writing desks, magazine racks. Every single object is available in a variety of models, different from one another in the smallest details, color palettes and materials, so that each customer can find himself and his personal taste in every part of the home. For us, a table is not just a table, but a way of experiencing everyday life, and we want to make every wish possible.

Suri Chair

How does the Bontempi Casa Configurator work? Simple, immediate, fast, it only leaves room for creativity. On the website www.bontempicasa.it /it_en/ in the upper right menu there is the “Build it now” button. Just one click, and the site transports us into the Bontempi world, showing us the wide range of products divided by category and name. What are we searching for our home? The perfect table? The most beautiful lamp? For every need there is a product, and once selected, we deepen into detail. Which model? Fixed rectangular or elliptical Fusion table? Or extendable? What size? Click. Choice made, let’s go even further in detail. How do we imagine the dream table for our living room? A glass top in opaque white, maybe scratch-proof, or do we love the raw and natural touch of veneered walnut? Click. Once we have chosen the plan we prefer, we can go and see which structure suits it best: natural silver metal, gold, antique brass, anthracite or two-tone dark brown and sand? If we are not sure, we can do 100 or 1000 different tests, to visually match all existing combinations and create the product that in our fantasy is the perfect table. In this case, the Fusion table also has a base, which we can choose by clicking on “Base” and selecting one of the existing material and color variants: metal, veneered wood, Supermarble or steel gold, white, deep black … To each his own .


Detail of Fusion Table with base in white Statuario Supermarble and structure in natural silver steel.

For every single product we can choose all the small details. One after the other, and in the meantime the image of the product changes in front of our eyes. We do not like the result? Let’s change it! The Bontempi Casa Configurator is a useful and easy-to-use tool, and at the same time it turns into a fun game to play even from our mobile or iPad, sitting comfortably on the beach. The Penelope chair is really beautiful in its version of Premium Aviation blue leather upholstery, with armrests and buttons in milk color and natural silver steel structure. Or in our living room would it be better to match more neutral tones such as the turtledove and e light gray? The choice is ours!

Once all the details have been decided, we can create a pdf of the product, print it and show it to whomever we want. Are we convinced? Yes: the product can be ordered directly from the nearest retailer exactly as we designed it. No: we can recreate it from scratch until we find the variant that we prefer.

Sander table in smoked transparent crystal and structure in deep black steel; Freak chair in deep black steel with purple orange lilac fabric cushion; Cosmopolitan sideboard in emerald lacquered wood.
































With the Configurator, we at Bontempi Casa want everyone to become the designer of his own home, artist and artisan of his daily life. Choosing a shape that we like or a simple color that makes us feel good is essential for our WELLBEING. We want to make this operation as simple as possible, accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. And why not, even fun!

Try the Bontempi Configurator HERE and create the house of your dreams!

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