How to choose the ideal contract furniture for a bar and create an environment that can attract attention.

When it comes to contract design it is particularly important to be clear about the type of environment you want to create. Before choosing the individual pieces of furniture, therefore, it is good to develop a design idea with a fairly defined identity in terms of style and functional aspects. Let’s take the example of a bar: starting from the internal distribution of the areas – the entrance, the bar counter, the area dedicated to the tables and any external space – we then proceed with the choice of furnishings and the definition of the details of the furnishing. Each element of the contract furniture represents and identifies the style of the commercial activity, that must attract attention and entice customers to enter. The latest trends in interior contract design recommend spacious, minimal chic, refined and original environments for bars. But what are the elements that cannot be missing?

Contract design, tables and chairs with character

When choosing the tables and chairs for the contract furnishing of a bar it is very important to take into consideration the space available to position them in a harmonious and rational way, but not only: they represent one of the elements that most characterize the customers experience, and for this reason they have a particularly important role in defining the style of the environment. The trump card is that of uniqueness, so we turn to interior contract design to find tailor-made solutions in terms of shapes, colors and finishes.

Contract design, chairs and tables
Mood chairs with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene monocoque. Club coffee tables with base in lacquered steel and top in stratified.

In this context, there is no furnishing style that dominates the others, even the idea of a classic-style bar is reinvented by inserting vintage-inspired furnishings in more modern contexts. The classic solid wood counter, for example, can be combined with lacquered steel tables and colorful, lively and original chairs, such as Mood with a polypropylene structure available in different shades ranging from white to anthracite through mustard yellow and caramel. Even the refined upholstered armchairs can be reinvented with trendy colors and new combinations. As proof of its versatility, the Mood model is also available with armrests and upholstered shell with different options to choose from fabric and color for the upholstery: the result is an armchair with a modern elegance, capable of truly adapting to any style.

Mood chairs
Mood chairs with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene shell covered in pure virgin wool. Vincent coffee table with lacquered steel base and stratified top.

Contract design, furnishing with light

When designing a bar, light also plays a fundamental role. Once the old image of dark and smoky places has been archived, in fact, modern bars are light and bright environments with a lively atmosphere. Yes to large windows where it is possible to make the most of natural light, mirrors to multiply it and furthermore enlarge the space, and pendant lamps to illuminate the whole environment.

Contract design
Pandora pendant lamp with black lacquered rose window and body in worked and lacquered steel. Vincent coffee table with lacquered steel base and stratified top. Suri chairs with armrests, lacquered steel structure, back and seat in elastic fabric.

Among the interior contract design proposals in the Bontempi Casa catalog there is no lack of lamps with original shapes with which to emphasize the style of a bar or restaurant. Pandora, for example, has a lacquered steel structure available in two sizes and in different color variations with which it is possible to create unique and personalized combinations with tables and chairs. Its delicately perforated external surface then diffuses a soft and harmonious light perfect for relaxing and refined environments.

Design tables and chairs, captivating colors and the right light are fundamental elements for the contract furnishing of a bar, and the Bontempi Casa configurator can certainly help you discover all the possibilities to personalize and make your environment unique.

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