The furnishing of bars, restaurants and clubs of all kinds cannot do without a style studied and planned down to the smallest detail. Seating plays a key role in these projects.

The furnishing of bars, restaurants and venues of all kinds cannot do without a style that is studied and planned down to the smallest detail.
Seats play a decisive role in these projects : they are the first complement that catches the eye, they require particular comfort, they must be robust and hard-wearing if positioned outdoors, and they must remain consistent with the style of the entire room.

Contract chairs for outdoor restaurants

When it comes to an open-air veranda or restaurant, perhaps with a beautiful view of the sea, the factors to take into account are: resistance to wear and tear and the signs of time, practicality and robustness.
Hidra chairs, for example, have an integral structure in Polypropylene and Fibre Glass , making them particularly resistant and suitable for all types of outdoor furniture. Their sinuous, rounded shapes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the room, while the variety of colours gives the green light for possible contrast or balance with the surroundings, opening the door to the imagination.

Sedia Hidra Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Hidra Outdoor Chair

Another good example, perhaps for a poolside location, is the Gispy model a jaunty, stackable seat available with or without armrests, a passe-partout for any environment, both outdoors and indoors, available in a wide range of colours from yellow to blue.

Sedia Gipsy Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Gipsy Outdoor Chair

For locations of a certain level, the perfect model designed by Bontempi Casa is instead Freak a seat that was created as an elegant and functional design object thanks to the design of lines that follow a light and precious geometry.  The extra tip? Also include its cushion that is designed to provide timeless comfort.

Sedia Freak firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Freak Chair

Contract chairs for restaurants and indoor bars

The style of a venue, whatever it is, must be able to give the right impression to the customer right away: this is where a key factor comes into play, namely style. Sometimes, many restaurants begin to furnish their spaces starting from the chairs: there are  furnishing complements capable of setting the tone for the entire surrounding context.

The Shark seat by Bontempi Casa, for example, is a model suitable for modern, sophisticated restaurants that want to distinguish themselves with elegance, thanks to its curved shape and backrest with an oval opening that gives the seat a distinctive character.

Another fine chair in the Bontempi Casa line is Suri a model capable of adapting as much to its environment as to the body which sits on it. This model encapsulates all of Bontempi Casa’s innovation and progress, adapting perfectly to residential, home office, lounge and contract environments. 

For those looking to indulge a nostalgic mood, while leaving room for timeless elegance, Clara is the perfect choice a classic style that creates a seat with a sophisticated character, with a quilted backrest and a wide choice of upholstery.

Bontempi Casa’s Contract Collection is designed to provide a wide range of attractive solutions for premises of all kinds, always offering the highest Made in Italy quality.

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