No living room can do without a low table, a small but great ally in daily life. Here’s how to pick the right one.

A modern house always comes with a low table. It is usually placed in the centre of the living room, from where it highlights the surrounding pieces of furniture, thanks to its structure or colour. It’s indeed a protagonist of the living area, because it does not just perform practical functions, but clearly expresses the taste and attitude of those who choose it. There are no proper “style rules” valid for every house, except for looking carefully at proportions and functionality, so that the coffee table can be an ally of your daily life as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. There are no rules even when it comes to answering the question What to put on a coffee table? Books and magazines, cups of tea or coffee, wine bottles, flowerpots or other ornaments.

The low coffee table for reading

Without moving from your armchair, you can immerse yourself in reading a good book, and then take a nap placing the book on the low table, keep it close at hand and not lose the thread when you go back to reading.

Planet coffee table
Planet coffee table with structure and decorative details made in lacquered metal, adjustable glass top.

The living room is usually the main reading area of the house, you just need a comfortable armchair is and a small table next to it. With its two adjustable round shelves, Planet coffee table is the ideal low table for you to place the novel you love, but also a cup of tea or a snack – perfect companions for a reading. The three different models of Planet, available in a wide variety of finishes, can be combined as you wish to create versatile and functional solutions for any environment.

The low coffee table for cups of coffee

You know, coffee is not served at the table. At home, etiquette recommends serving it when guests get up from the dining table to move into the living room, sitting on the sofa and using a low table as a support.

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered metal top. Optional aluminium tray.

For the true coffee ritual lovers, there is Tiffany coffee table, equipped with a tray (that is optional) so you can bring everything you need everywhere you want. It can be the place for the coffee maker, cups and mocha spoons, sugar bowl and, for those who like it, milk or cream. The solid wood structure and the modern design are symbols of good manners and typical Italian craftsmanship, that never go out of style. Also, if a low table is called a coffee table, there must be a reason!

The modern coffee table with plants

For those who love nature and can boast a discreet green thumb, however, the coffee table cannot do without a flowery vase on it.

Millennium coffee table
Millennium coffee table with lacquered metal structure and scratch-resistant glass top.

The living area is perhaps the one where we spend more time, so being surrounded by plants or flowers can only be good for our mood. If you love glass or ceramic vases full of flowers as ornament, the ideal choice for you is to go for a coffee table with a top made of materials such as scratch-resistant crystal or lacquered metal. An example? Millennium coffee table, that has a modern design with crossed legs. It will indeed be a touch of beauty in your living room.

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