Bontempi Casa offers a wide selection of upholstered seats in 100% virgin wool, here's what to choose and why.

Wool is the natural fiber of animal origin par excellence. Warm and enveloping, soft and affable, wool is also one of the favorite materials in the world of furniture.

To furnish and heat the house, the wool upholstery of the chairs is perfect during the winter. Its appearance – indeed – woolly, the feeling of warmth and softness to the touch, and also the slight characteristic scent make it a unique and irreplaceable material.

Wool is not all the same. The wool fibers can be long, medium or short, and their thickness can be Thin, ordinary or coarse. There are many varieties of wool: they depend on the type of animal (sheep, camelids, etc.), on the side of the body of the animal being shorn, and on the processing.

Why choosing woolen chairs

Wool has an excellent thermal insulating capacity, that acts both in cold and warm conditions. It protects from noises, it is absorbent and therefore contrasts well with humidity, and has a great resistance to wear (think, for example, to the virgin wool sweater handed down from parents or grandparents – still in perfect condition). Fireproof, antistatic, elastic, resistant to mold and bacteria. Wool is therefore an ideal material not only for winter clothing, but also for furniture. In addition, colored wool is an extremely lively material that pleases and stimulates children, too.

The virgin wool according to Bontempi Casa


Bontempi Casa reinterprets the simplest and most precious materials in its own way. Virgin Wool is one of the iconic materials of Bontempi signature products: its comfortable and ergonomic seats, covered and padded with virgin wool, vary according to the many models and colors. Thanks to the vastness of the collections they are able to satisfy all consumers.

How to choose the right wool chair for your living room

There are many types of wool, so the choice can be vast and personal. First of all, the need must be kept in mind. If you are looking for lounge chairs, better to prefer a simple and clean design, and more neutral colors. For a study or an entrance, on the other hand, more structured armchairs and bright colors are to be preferred.

To consider then the combination with the other furnishing accessories – what is the table made of? The other pieces of furniture? And the floor? Wood calls wood, but only if it is of the same type. An alternative is the chairs with the metal frame, for modern-style homes. Bontempi Casa offers a selection of chairs, stools and armchairs available in 100% virgin wool, in neutral, cold and warm colors, for perfect synchronization to the environment. Here are some.

Tai chair by Bontempi Casa


An elegant chair with a lacquered or chromed steel structure, upholstered and covered with virgin wool. The olive-green version is perfectly in line with the autumn-winter 2019 color trends.

Sveva Chair by Bontempi Casa


Almost an armchair. The Sveva chair has a structure and covered and padded solid wood armrests that make it a very comfortable and sophisticated seat for a chic living room. The colors of the inserts covered in virgin wool like dust, sky and sand are real passepartout of furniture.

Mila Chair by Bontempi Casa


Mila has a solid steel structure that contrasts harmoniously with its wool lining. The rectangular backrest its discreet and minimalist silhouette make it ideal for any environment. To be preferred in natural and soft wool colors.

Kelly Chair Bontempi Casa


Kelly chair in blue navy 100% virgin wool. A robust, solid and composed seat model. It maintains a very neat and elegant appearance, without excess. Its structure in fine wood is balanced with harmony with the soft wool of the covering. The navy blue color is a unisex, timeless and versatile variant: it can be easily inserted into a rustic but also modern living room, it lends itself to small delightful mountain houses, but also – why not – to private studios.


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