How to choose the perfect coffee table for every situation.

There are design coffee tables made to support elegant collectibles, vases with flowers and other items picked to give personality to a living room. There are also coffee tables for sitting rooms that are perfect for routine objects without a proper place: magazines and newspapers, chocolates to be tasted at the right moment, TV’s remote control…
Also, their names evoke the coffee ritual – that shouldn’t be served at the kitchen table, but by moving to the living room with our guests. There is a perfect coffee table for every home, not only in the city, but on the beach and in the mountains, as well.

Coffee tables for the seaside house

Summer is coming to an end and our holidays with it, but we still have a heart full of good memories we had at the beach house, and we’re already getting a lot of swirling ideas in our head to make our special place on the beach even more beautiful next year. Why not beginning with a new coffee table?


Tao coffee table, lacquered metal structure.

As a sunbeam, Tao coffee table is a simple and versatile piece of furniture, suitable for several uses and that immediately gives joy to the environment. It’s great for having a refreshing drink or enjoying that book that we finally have time to read (and that goes from the beach to the living room) but also it’s for writing postcards to our friends and taking note of the deep thoughts the sea have us inspired with. Tao is available in two different sizes and many colours, and it fits several style combinations to meet everyone’s inspiration.

Coffee tables for the house in the city

Over the whole year in the city, the coffee table shows its versatility, and it’s used in different ways depending on the moment of the day and the time of the year. Magazine to flick through in your free time, an ice cream in front of the TV during summertime, or a cup of hot chocolate in winter: everything finds its own place thanks to the coffee table.

The ideal solution to meet our modern needs? A set of stackable coffee tables that can double the support surfaces and, when not needed, takes up a limited amount of space. Tokio coffee table is available in many sizes in order to create the perfect combination that is best for you and your environment. It has a minimal structure suitable for everyday objects and coffee table books – these are big, fancy and decorative books that can be considered part of the furniture, made to be flicked through and admired while sitting comfortably in the living room.



Tokio coffee table, structure made of lacquered metal with a crystal top.


Tiffany coffee table, structure in solid wood with a lacquered metal top. Optional aluminum tray.

Tiffany coffee table, instead, seems created for true coffee addicts. In fact, it comes with an optional aluminum tray to take cups, coffee maker and sugar bowl to the living room. Sit around this design coffee table, your guests can sip their coffee and enjoy the art of welcoming of their hosts.

Coffee tables for your mountain cottage

Thinking of a mountain lodge immediately makes us look forward to winter, to long treks, to breathing the crisp air at high altitude and family chats next to a crackling fireplace. And then, how long until Christmas?


Flexus coffee table, structure made in lacquered metal. Top is available in crystal, anti-scratch crystal and leather

The coffee table for your mountain house is a design piece that can be used to collect our finest liquors, the ones we hold on for special occasions such as a toast on New Year’s Eve. With its elegant lines and fine materials that characterize the top, the Flexus table is perfect for this environment.

The minimal-chic option that allows you to bring the practicality of a set of coffee tables to your mountain lodge is called Igloo. It is a glass coffee table available in two different sizes.  You can choose whether to place them next to each other or to stack them one on top of the other and use the second support surface only when needed.


Bridge-shaped coffee table made of curved crystal


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