Are you looking for peculiar modern sofas to furnish the house with style? Discover the most original shapes and colors for seats and sofas

Di cosa abbiamo bisogno quando cerchiamo divani moderni particolari? Di certo vogliamo appagare l’occhio con forme avvolgenti e colori accattivanti, perché il sofà è un elemento centrale nella zona giorno e ne caratterizza con forza lo stile. Naturalmente cerchiamo anche momenti di relax per le nostre giornate, ma non solo. Flessibilità e personalizzazione sono sempre più importanti quando si parla di divani comodi e moderni, che diventano vere e proprie isole multitasking al centro del soggiorno. Ci sediamo sul divano per guardare un film o un nuovo episodio della nostra serie preferita, ma anche per mandare mail o fare uno spuntino veloce, per cui avremo sempre più bisogno di tavolini e coffee table su misura delle nostre giornate. Senza dimenticare i momenti in cui, semplicemente, desideriamo trascorrere del tempo con i nostri cari, cullati da morbide cuscinature. A tutte queste esigenze risponde la nuova collezione di divani Bontempi Casa, composta da modelli eleganti e funzionali capaci di rispondere a ogni esigenza d’uso e di stile. Modulari e ricchi di accessori dedicati, possono essere rivestiti in tessuto oppure in pelle e declinati in un’ampia gamma di colori, con cuscini decorativi abbinati.

What do we need when we are looking for peculiar modern sofas? We certainly want to please the eye with enveloping shapes and captivating colors, because the sofa is a central element in the living area and strongly characterizes its style. Of course, we also look for moments of relaxation for our days, but not only. Flexibility and customization are increasingly important when it comes to comfortable and modern sofas, which become real multitasking islands at the center of the living room. We sit on the sofa to watch a movie or a new episode of our favorite series, but also to send emails or have a quick snack, so we will increasingly need tables and coffee tables tailored to our days. Without forgetting the moments when we simply want to spend time with our loved ones, cradled by soft cushions. All these needs are met by the new Bontempi Casa sofas collection, composed of elegant and functional models capable of responding to every need of use and style. Modular and full of dedicated accessories, they can be upholstered in fabric or leather and declined in a wide range of colors, with matching decorative cushions.

Particular modern sofas: Antares e Bonnie

Unquestionably elegant and timeless lines, born from the reworking of the classics in a contemporary key, characterize these models of the new Bontempi Casa sofas collection.

Modern sofas
Antares 3 seater sofa, armchair and pouf upholstered in Premium Leather, with decorative cushions in Diamond fabric. Planet coffee table with lacquered steel structure and SuperMarble tops.

Antares is a particular sofa model with a strong personality, characterized by generous padded shapes enclosed between thin armrests and backrests. Its compact design is supported by a minimalist solid wood structure, while the high seats invite you to let yourself go and relax. Delicate stitching complete its look, with a strong visual impact for any environment in which it can be placed.

Modern corner sofa
Bonnie corner sofa with ottoman upholstered in Gourmet fabric with decorative cushions in Gourmet fabric and decorative element in lacquered steel. Millennium coffee table with lacquered steel structure and oak wood top. Lift coffee table.

The enveloping lines of the ’70s are back and alive in Bonnie‘s design, a model that is fully part of the list of particular modern sofas thanks to its persuasive and harmonious shapes. An extra special touch is given by the decorative elements: the topstitching in the seat and the two front metal tubes in lacquered steel, also available in the new elegant Rose Gold finish. Precious and delicate, with its brightness it enhances the silhouette of the sofa and can become an interesting thread between the furnishing accessories in the living area.

Comfortable and modern sofas: Dakota e Sunset

The concept of comfort in contemporary living extends from relaxation to functionality and requires particular colorful and multitasking sofas, where you can rest but also do smart working or spend time with friends.

Dakota sofa
Dakota sofa with lacquered steel structure, upholstered in Element fabric with decorative cushions in Soft fabric. Tokio coffee table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

The modularity of its elements and the dedicated accessories make Dakota a real furnishing system that combines design, comfort and functionality. The generous use of goose down for the cushions is an invitation to enjoy relaxation, while the side tables are perfect for having your readings always at hand, for a quick snack or simply to add a touch of green with some flowerpots.

Sunset sofa
Sunset sofa with peninsula with lacquered steel structure, upholstered in Boubble fabric with decorative cushions in Soft fabric. Planet coffee table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

Seats with and without backrest alternate in the composition of Sunset, where everyone can relax as they prefer thanks to the wide shapes and the back cushions in goose down. Contemporary and suitable for any style of furniture, also thanks to the wide range of available coverings, it can be embellished with various accessories. The armrest holder can then be chosen and positioned to create relaxation areas dedicated to the different needs of taste and functionality.2