Listening to our thoughts, dedicating ourselves to work and our passions sitting on our favorite chair, is what we need

A new year has just begun and the morning light, in these days that are slowly lengthening, seems to invite us to welcome it with optimism and desire to do.

A ray of sunshine filters through the shutters and caresses Adele‘s face who, just before the alarm rings, opens her eyes and enjoys the last moments of rest before getting out of bed. Retired literature professor, she loved her work very much and has always cultivated an immense passion for adventure novels and travel stories, but also for art and beauty in general. Those who visit her house understand this immediately: just looking at the bookcase in the living room, with an original and modern design, with lacquered steel shelves loaded with neatly ordered books, alternating with vases, frames and other objects collected over the years.

In the room next door, her son Alessandro is waking up. Like her, he has a certain creative streak and a great love for words. As a child, he wrote stories and imaginative tales with which he entertained friends and now, after university, he started working as a journalist for a local newspaper. The alarm clock makes him jump: he was dreaming of crossing a forest in search for a magical treasure, making his way through the branches of lush trees. Leaving the world of dreams, he takes a deep breath and is ready to start the day. He first stops in the kitchen, where he prepares good coffee, yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast.

Clara swivel stool
Clara swivel stool with chromed base and fully padded shell covered in ecological leather.

Adele picks up the dressing gown leaning on the chair next to the bed and joins Alessandro in the kitchen. “If there is a positive side to these new rhythms of life – she thinks to herself – it is being able to have breakfast calmly, together”. Sitting on the stools around the peninsula, they let themselves be cradled by the soft padded backrest, chatting about this and that. In that moment all for them, they tell each other thoughts and plans for the day, they exchange advice and some jokes. “Today I have an important assignment, let’s hope all goes well” says the boy, turning the seat to the right and left as when he was little to soothe the emotion. “Of course all will be fine, you’ve worked hard on it,” his mother reassures him.

Dada chair with armrests
Dada chair with armrests and structure in lacquered steel, padded shell and upholstered in premium leather. Cruz extendable table with lacquered steel structure and SuperCeramic top. Pica sideboard in lacquered wood.

Always full of life and interests, Adele has found a thousand ways to fill her days. A walk in the park to observe the beauty of nature, antique markets where she can find new ideas for the house, or simply a cup of tea with her friends. And then, she is always happy to go home to devote herself to painting, a passion for which she had never found enough time before. The studio that once was dedicated to work is now a creative space, with a new table with a SuperCeramic top – “so I’m not worried about the stains!” – and a graceful chair upholstered in brick color, whose soft and welcoming shapes made her feel good at first glance. Sitting there between tempera and brushes, she lets inspiration flow and while she paints she is finally able to listen to her thoughts.

Smart working
Zac writing desk with lacquered steel structure, wooden top and drawers. Mila chair with steel structure, upholstered and covered seat and back. Strega floor lamp with lacquered structure and fabric lampshade.

For Alessandro, instead, it will be a day of work… without leaving home. He is now used to work from home, and has set up a well-organized workstation to write and carry out his activities. The desk with the laptop, the diary and some books from which to take inspiration, a nice photo and the window from which you can see the garden, have become his new office. Of course he misses a little chatting at the coffee machine with colleagues, but how comfortable he is in the padded chair he has chosen! “It was worth it buying it new,” he thinks every night when he turns off the computer.

Dada chairs
Dada chairs with armrests and structure in lacquered steel, padded shell covered in Mambo fabric. Delta round table with structure and decorative details in lacquered steel, top in matt anti-scratch glass.

If for lunch he often prefers to eat something on the fly without detaching himself too much from the screen, at the end of the day Alessandro does not give up sitting at the table with his mother Adele and her delicacies. It’s time to take stock and relax a bit together. “You were right, you know, Mom? The editor of the newspaper liked the article, too! “.