Metals are materials widely used in modern furniture, thanks to their durability and transversal aesthetics. These are the Bontempi Casa proposals.

Choosing modern furniture, being it essential, minimalist, chic and elegant, requires taste and the ability to combine furnishing accessories, that are often made of different materials. The metal finishes represent one of the most valuable solutions in the field of interior design because they offer maximum simplicity in the lines, a long life and excellent preservation, elegance in the details.

A very popular style of furniture in recent years is the one called industrial chic. Metal is the material that is the protagonist of this stylistic choice. Smooth, perfect to the touch, shiny to the eye, compact, solid, essential and minimal, a true evergreen of style. Metal, especially when lacquered with the most innovative painting techniques, lends itself to a contemporary and young furnishing, both in private homes and offices. It is refined, functional and elegant, that’s why the term “industrial” is revisited and completely changes the world: from the raw use of metal in factories, to our refined and minimalist living rooms.

Furnishing accessories in metal or lacquered steel wanted. The golden metal, in particular, creates plays of lights in an environment, stands out as a precious and unique detail, and especially during the Christmas holidays is an excellent trick to make the house shine without filling it with tawdry decorations. Which, however, are the modern and refined metal furnishing accessories to be exploited for a home in full industrial chic style and at the same time in a Christmas mood? These ones.

The minimalist table


First advantage of metal: little cluttered, it lasts a lot. The Sander table by Bontempi Casa, with its elliptical scratch-resistant glass top and the minimalist structure in gold-lacquered steel, combines functionality, strength, durability and elegance in a single product. The golden metal structure, in fact, in addition to illuminating with reflections of intense gold, lends itself not to take up too much space in the living room. A perfect example of industrial chic style, that mixes components typical of industrial imagery – metal, in fact – to iconic and peculiar details.

The chair with a geometric structure


The beauty of gold color is more emphasized when it comes into contact with metal surfaces. The Freak chair by Bontempi Casa enhances the golden lacquered steel of its structure thanks to the choice of geometric and linear patterns taken in the seat and back. Combined with the Sander table, they reach perfection with a minimalist black pillow.

The maxi mirror that looks like a painting


Light always, not just at Christmas! That’s why a very large mirror with a golden metal frame is the smart solution to illuminate the room with a double action. The King mirror by Bontempi Casa summarizes the concept of light in a rectangular shape and a frame in very elegant gold lacquered steel. Leaning against the wall of the living room it becomes an object of art in its own.

The clothes hanger and the coordinated magazine rack


Two basic furnishing accessories for creative personalities. In the home of an artist, a designer coat rack and a unique magazine rack cannot be missing. The Alga coat hanger and the Fan magazine rack by Bontempi Casa, both in gold lacquered steel, are a perfect match for the industrial chic living room. The round repeating geometric shape of Fan contrasts harmoniously with the linear shape of Alga, and the result is two golden light points that illuminate and simultaneously make the room precious.

The creative coffee table


Take a rhombus, “forge it” with steel and golden lacquer. Then do the same with two other rhombuses. It is the Esa coffee table by Bontempi Casa, with a very resistant solid wood frame and a gold lacquered metal top. A unique piece of furniture, functional in size – exquisitely suited for living rooms and hallways – and very elegant in appearance, thanks to the golden finish. Under the Christmas season it becomes the sophisticated niche to serve a small aperitif to guests.

The dream desk


Reliability and resistance are peculiarities of the metal, that can therefore support very heavy objects. The Secret desk by Bontempi Casa has a structure and external band in lacquered brass-colored steel, it is composed of a wooden top, a folding door for lacquered wood or SuperMarble compartment – to be chosen to taste.





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