A bookcase is the piece of furniture that, above all, speaks about us: here's how to choose the right one

Our favourite bookstores always tell something about us, what we love to read and how’s our relationship with order (or disorder). There are those who arrange the books in strict alphabetical order by title or author, those who group them by theme and also those who arrange them according to the colour of the cover. What is certain is that we all need modern bookcases to place our books and magazines – that are never too many! Even in the digital age, in fact, the pleasure of browsing through the pages of a book and smelling the scent of printed paper remains an irresistible call.

Modern bookcases, either suspended or by the wall, for the living room or other rooms, are not simple containers then. Just think of how many items, in addition to books, we put on the shelves of a bookcase, turning it into a sort of Wunderkammer full of memories, among travel gifts, small design objects, photographs. Last but not least, bookcases are also important elements to complete the furniture and define space, distributing it, separating it, creating interesting games of light and shadows.

Light-designed and elegant, solid without being heavy, Bontempi Casa bookcases frame books and other objects as if they were pieces of art themselves and highlight them discreetly.

LexingtonLexington bookcase with lacquered metal structure. 

Lexington is an example of a modern and dynamic bookcase, whose lacquered metal structure is available in different finishes and many sizes, with modules that can expand as needed. To further personalize it, you can choose the shelves in lacquered metal coupled with SuperCeramic, SuperMarble, metal covered in leather, wood veneer or crystal. With so many customization possibilities, it really is a piece of furniture “for life” that can be expanded (or reduced) according to changing needs, between removals and growing book collections, and that can change its appearance thanks to the shelves to adapt if you want to give your living room a new style.

Hip HopHip Hop bookcase with structure in lacquered metal, and top in crystal or scratch-resistant crystal.

When choosing modern bookcases for the living room, it is good to keep in mind some useful tips on how to furnish a modern living room. First, especially if the space is large and contains many elements, it is the general harmony that should be created between them, as if “they talked to each other”. An ideal combination, in this sense, can be Hip Hop bookcase with the tables of the same family. The modern and essential design and the glass tops immediately give the idea of a refined environment with an eye for details. Combining shapes and sizes, it is easy to furnish any room of the house with it.

Librerie Hip Hop
Hip Hop coffe table, structure made in lacquered metal, and a crystal or scratch-resistant crystal top.
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