Ideas for a cozy living room, living room with fireplace, bookcase with wooden shelves for a modern and warm living room.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere at home is all we need in the cold season. Making a cozy home is simple, and can also be a lot of fun! The warm autumn colors, for example, help to cool the atmosphere; playing with a pair of pillows, using wood, decorating the wall equipped with a fireplace, a bookshelf full of books, some scented candles, a large rug and the living room is immediately warmer and more welcoming. Here are the ideas for living room furniture for the winter from which to take inspiration to furnish your own custom-made living room

Cozy living room: the fireplace


Artistico table, lacquered steel structure, solid wood top and Tai chair, lacquered steel structure covered in Pure Virgin Wool.

An intimate and welcoming atmosphere gives the house a sense of profound comfort immediately perceptible at the entrance. The fireplace is par excellence the fundamental element to make a warm and welcoming environment. Modern living rooms with fireplace are easily furnished with antique and vintage objects and accessories. The use of brass, copper and wood are a must.

Cozy living room: wood, wood, wood!


Fusion round table, lacquered steel structure and veneered wood top. Freak Chairs and Strega Lamp.

There is no better material than wood to furnish an intimate and warm living room. The rustic, natural and raw appearance is its first quality: it infuses a deep sense of calm, tranquility and security. It is not necessary to turn a house into a mountain chalet, but just a few precautions are enough together with attention to details: first a solid table with wooden top with designer chairs, then, adding shelves and other furnishing accessories in wood, they will help to make the atmosphere warm.


Millennium XXL table, lacquered steel structure, arabesque SuperMarble top – Kuga chairs, lacquered steel frame and velvet seat – Badu Waterproof Nubuck pouf.

A cozy house is a real nest in which to plunge when it’s raining outside. One or more poufs in the living room play an important role in this situation, because, if chosen in fabrics such as wool, they become an integral part of the cozy furnishing. Warm and evocative wool, sensory, material. And lots of knitted cushions, knits, patchwork fantasy plaids. The game is to combine them and create compositions of different shapes, sizes and textures. The heat effect will immediately be there.

Cozy living room: chairs, lamps and accessories in warm colors


Sally chair, solid wood frame, leather covering.

Sometimes, following the current trends of interior design that want less and less decorations, without adding a personal touch, we could face errors of assessment that remove heat from the house. Instead, let’s play with the autumn colors! In the cold season the days get shorter, the light is dimmer and the color palette of the sky is gray. So, color is a fundamental part of the furnishing of a cozy and warm living room. The ideal is to use natural and light tones, such as beige, brown and cream. White sideboards, chests of drawers, wooden cabinets with worn aesthetics, to be also DIY, represent the right compromise between the needs of brightness and the need to avoid the sense of coldness. Cushions and chairs in warm shades such as red, terracotta, dark brown, floor lamps more colored with yellow light (not white) and bright details, will give that extra touch to the winter living room.

Cozy living room: bookcase with shelves


Libreria Lexington con ripiani in legno e struttura in acciaio laccato.

Lexington bookcase with wooden shelves and lacquered steel frame.

The bookcase is a focal point of the living room. To make the environment warmer and more welcoming, you can play with the library’s decorative elements: use the shelves (possibly in wood, hides or leather) to add decorative objects such as vases of dried flowers, evergreen plants, candle holders, small statues in brass and – of course – vintage books.

Cozy living room: the mirrors


Ciotolo mirror placed vertically.

What warms up as a ray of light? Only its own reflections. Decorating the living room with modern mirrors (insert link article modern mirrors) is therefore a winning move in terms of heat. Elements of vanity and beauty, mirrors have the great power to give greater brightness and perspective to even the smallest environments. Carved wooden frames, with inlays, in classic, shabby or French Empire style. The right arrangement can totally change the face of the living room.


Cosmopolitan sideboard, solid wood top, lacquered wood doors.

Finally, complete the furnishing with a large carpet in the center of the room, some scented candles here and there and … Fill the home air with the aroma of freshly baked bread, biscuits and sweets to set the table for winter festivals. Is there perhaps a warmer and more welcoming home than that?

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