Which are the fabrics for sofas: a selection of the best quality, the most precious and elegant ones

The sofa is not just a simple piece of furniture: it is one of the key elements of every home, a fundamental refuge for our well-being, and it also has several other functions in modern living. Conversation area and space dedicated to relaxation, it often becomes a “hybrid” place between smart working and free time. From a design point of view, then, in the furnishing of a living room it is the element that more than any other manages to give personality to the space. It is therefore understood that its choice cannot be casual or poorly reasoned, but must take into account various aspects, from aesthetics to functionality. To find the right model and decide which is the best fabric for sofas to buy, therefore, aspects such as the square footage of the house and the sofa measurements, the color palette of the living area and the style of furniture will have to be evaluated. The choice is really wide, and the brand new Bontempi Casa sofas will soon be available: refined sofas in premium leather and modern sofas in fabric.

How to orientate among all the proposals? First of all, it is good to consider the use that you will want to make of the sofa: it can be simply that of relaxing in front of the TV, or maybe living it in everyday life between snacks and games with the little ones and / or with pets, or you are looking for a sofa to furnish the study… The elegant fabric sofas lend themselves to various uses, being resistant and easy to clean, moreover they are generally completely removable to facilitate cleaning. Another precious coating is the leather, designed to last a long time, it is not afraid of stains but only scratches; it must be said that a slightly “lived-in” look can make the leather sofa even more fascinating.

Modern fabric sofas

Elegant fabric sofas
Zenith sofa with peninsula covered in Diamond mineral fabric, with decorative cushions in Diamond fabric and Join universal coffee table. Ray coffee table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

A wide range of fabrics was selected for the new Bontempi Casa sofas, each in its own specific color palette and each with different characteristics to best enhance the design of the fabric sofas. In fact, it ranges from fabrics with a more compact appearance to those characterized by melange, “salt and pepper” or micro-patterns, so that they can be perfectly matched to any environment and furnishing style. Then there are decorative cushions, with which to create tone-on-tone games or lively contrasts of color and texture. Fireproof and easy to clean, they are the ideal choice for sofas dedicated to living the every day emotions.

Elegant leather sofas

Bontempi Casa leather sofas
Sunset sofa upholstered in Royal Leather with coffee table in lacquered steel and crystal and decorative cushions in Gourmet fabric.

All the sofas in the new collection are also available with upholstery in Royal Leather and Premium Leather, a material already used (and appreciated) for various upholstered seats of the Bontempi Casa catalog. Very soft to the touch, almost waxy and with a semi-opaque appearance, it is a guarantee of solidity and long life – also thanks to careful craftsmanship of the raw material. For the leather sofas, decorative cushions are as well available in different colors to create the most suitable combinations for your own style of furniture. Elegant and timeless, they are the ideal choice when looking for a sofa with a strong aesthetic impact.

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