The Carnival celebration is a real ritual for some children, but there is something even more special if the festivities are shared with the family and within the walls of the House.


His Harlequin hat is resting on the living room table, the one with legs that look like intertwined swords. Michele’s father had bought it from one of his clients, he works in the art world. The Harlequin’s hat is there, in the middle of the table, right next to the butter biscuits and fruit juice. “How nice, the Carnival is finally here! My mother knows it well, that it is my favorite festivity”, thinks little Michele, 8 years old. His grandmother has sewn a tailored suit that represents that of the traditional mask.

“Yeah, it really suits me well! I cannot wait to see the rest of the costume. Grandma is really good at sewing, embroidering and mending. Who knows what the other children will wear at the party … I’m curious. The teacher at school gave a lesson in which she explained all the traditional masks of the Italian carnival. Maybe Marco will be Pantalone and Lidia will disguise as Columbine … I know that those two like each other, I got it. What I do not understand, however, is why my sister Giorgia hates Carnival. Every year she complains more and more, she does not want to disguise herself, she does not want to go to parties or go out to see the carnival cariages”…



Barone, extendable round table, structure in natural silver lacquered steel and anthracite scratch-resistant glass top – Eva chair


Giorgia is a 17-year-old girl and she does not really care about Carnival. “What’s beautiful in disguising and throwing confetti? They fit in sweaters and they bother me. I hope that my parents, at least this year, do not want to take us to the usual party with all those children “. The parents of the two brothers insist every year to spend the Carnival together, go to the masked parties and see the parade of the carts in the city. They say it is an opportunity to be together and strengthen the relationship inside the family. “In fact, with the father working abroad and the mother who is a nurse in the hospital, it is often difficult to spend time all together”, thinks Giorgia, who hides a bit of nostalgia for the past.

Michele keeps running back and forth from the living room with that Harlequin hat, he’s all excited. “When I was his age, Grandma gave me her handmade colorful hats and scarves and I liked them so much … Now the only colors I like to deal with are those of my room chair. Yeah, finally a bit of privacy “- Giorgia lets herself sink into her comfortable orange chair, she relaxes for a few minutes and begins to study.


Nata chair, deep black lacquered steel structure and yellow velvet shell – Zac desk


The hospital shift is about to end. Elena rearranges her thoughts and does her mental to-do list: “I have to go and get the Harlequin-themed cake at the pastry shop, pick up my mother’s costume, buy the confetti and streamers. What a tiring day, I cannot wait to get home, sit on my armchair and read my book. Who knows if Massi will be back in time for the parade of the carriages … Marco is so keen on it “.



Daya armchair with swivel central base in chromed steel, shell upholstered in white ecological leather – Qui table


“Thank you so much for coming, it was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll see you next week for details “. The meeting with the new customers is over. “Luckily, even this project has come to fruition, things in the office are going really well. I would like to be able to say the same about my private life “. Looking out of the window, Massimiliano notes the carnival posters hanging on the walls of the neighborhood. “Today I have to go home in time for the Carnival party, I promised it to the boys”.

It’s time to go. “But where are the car keys? Ops here they are, there on the table. Now that I think about it, it is a beautiful design object, this coffee table, in perfect Bauhaus style. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School, I should propose an idea for that client’s advertising … But I will think about it tomorrow “. Massimiliano closes the glass door of the office behind him.


Hip Hop coffee tables, frame in sand lacquered steel and turtled lacquered crystal glass top

It’s 4:00 pm and it’s time to get ready for the Carnival party, but Marco and Giorgia’s parents seem to be late. The child is impatient, the sister tries to reassure him, but meanwhile the night falls and there is no shadow of the Carnival party. The sunset light gently enters through the large living room window. The furniture of the house is modern, of design. On the largest wall there is a large bookcase with wooden and leather shelves. At home, at the moment, only silence.



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<p><em>Lexington bookcase, with lacquered steel structure and wooden, crystal and leather tops.</em></p>
<p>It is now time for dinner, when Elena and Massimiliano enter the house together. “But where were you?”, asks the frowning daughter. “Excuse us darling, I was held in the hospital and your father had an urgent call from a client, but …”. The young mother cannot finish the sentence, when the little Marco sprouts from his bedroom with a sad look. He is convinced that there is no more time to celebrate the Carnival. “We thought it would be nice to do an alternative Carnival, and instead of going out, celebrate it all together at home, with a nice dinner and, why not, even the streamers,” his father smiles, revealing a huge bag of colorful carnival decorations.</p>
<p>So, that evening, instead of going to see the carts, the whole family stays at home. They are all in the kitchen, this time it is the light of the two chandeliers, one white and one coordinated black, to illuminate the room. “So, what do you think? Do we make this cake together? “: Elena opens the shopping bag and there are all the ingredients to cook a Carnival doughnut, traditional sweets and biscuits. “Much better than the cakes you buy”, says the enthusiastic little Marco. Even Giorgia seems to have fun, she must admit that she agrees with her parents this time: <strong>spending time with the family is good for all ages. And the celebration, like the Carnival, are nothing more than opportunities to do it more often, despite the daily commitments.</strong></p>
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Gloria, suspension lamp in lacquered steel

With the grandparents’ arrival, the family is all there. A little Harlequin runs around cheerful, throwing streamers of light paper. Gloria wears a mask of the Venetian tradition, while Elena and Massimiliano have had their faces painted by their daughter who, after all, loves the bright colors of makeup. Dinner passes in serenity and, although this year they have not seen the typical carts that parade in the city, this was definitely the most beautiful Carnival party ever, for all the members of the family.

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