19 June 2020

The importance of having an en-plein-air space, where you can have lovely moments with your beloved ones, family and friends.

Luna and Massimiliano are a young married couple. They have moved into a lovely villa overlooking a beautiful garden, not too far from the city centre, where they both work.
With the arrival of the summer season, Luna enjoys preparing the veranda and furnishes it carefully for the reception of guests, with whom she intends to share aperitifs, lunches and dinners outdoors… After some cleaning, she places a new elegant outdoor table with a glass top, and a few chairs with cushions padded in a soft blue fabric. A few more stools that can be turned into poufs. That’s it, the refreshment area is now simply perfect.

AQUA chairs
Aqua chair, in polypropylene for outdoors

Massimiliano is a true book lover. Other than a beautiful bookcase placed in the living room, he sets up a relaxation corner in the garden, designed for its moments of leisure among books in the open air. He places a small white table coordinated with a couple of chairs. Luna, who always has an eye for style and details, adds two padded cushions, and now it looks like a movie set. They both spend some nice time here, sitting and reading their favourite books under the shade of a hydrangea. They truly enjoy the peace of their garden.

They often take care of the garden together: Luna waters the flowers, arranges the furnishings and adds some new accessories from time to time. Massimiliano waters the lawn every day… Sometimes they make fun of each other and laugh a lot together. That garden is definitely their favourite place.


With friends coming over, the two of them decorate the plants with a few outdoor lights, serve a fresh buffet on the table and put on some background music. In the most hidden part of the garden there is a small wooden patio, built by the old owners of the house: Luna and Massimiliano decided to keep it and leave it as it was, because it is such a nice corner, and it is also really useful as a storage – In fact, in winter this is used as a covered area to safely place the garden furniture. Over summer, when their grandchildren and children of friends come to visit them, the couple leaves on the patio some coloured chairs so they can play.

Galaxy chairs for outdoor
Galaxy chairs, stackable, in polypropylene, perfect for outdoors.

If you have a garden at your home, you are very lucky. It’s an opportunity to share special moments with those you love. Luna and Massimiliano know it well, and that is why as soon as the hot season comes, they do not hesitate to furnish it and make it as welcoming as possible. With a refreshing drink on the veranda, a book or a fun game on the patio, a simple walk outside with friends, the home garden becomes a real magical place.

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