Oasis of rest

Essentially dedicated to sleep and rest, the bedroom can also be a place to read, listen to music, or watch a film. And so, alongside the bed we find an armchair, bedside tables, desks, and shelves. The bedroom: welcoming and a pleasure to experience. The bed is the main element. The alternative to the traditional bed is the storage bed, always in vogue thanks to the way it optimises the space. Contemporary design resorts to colour to add personality: precious with special finishes, classic with glossy shades, contemporary with lacquered finishes. This is the ideal room for a versatile furniture item such as the console, a furnishing element featuring simple lines, a creative focal point for designers who have reinvented it in terms of its materials, colours, and size. It is a multitasking furniture item, made with precious materials such as leather and brass, equipped with secret compartments, a mirror and adjustable lights, drawer, and organiser. The perfect pairing for a console is a mirror, a genuine complement of undisputed charm, responsible for changing the spatial perception of the room and multiplying the light, communicating a message of elegance and giving the wall a powerful splash of character.

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