Frequently asked questions

Maintenance and cleaning of products upholstered in econabuk

Keep products away from heat sources. Avoid direct exposure to the sun or strong artificial light sources. Do not use outdoors, they are not humidity-proof.

Econabuk maintains its long lasting quality with mild soap and water. For localized stains, the following treatments are recommended:

BEER, EGG, MILK, CREAM: use a mild detergent, then rinse.

BLOOD: use a mild detergent. For dried stains, repeat the treatment several times.

FRUIT JUICE, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, JAM, JELLY, SYRUP, KETCHUP, COFFEE, TEA: use a mild detergent. Treat colored stains with lemon juice, then rinse.

COCOA, CHOCOLATE: rub with mild soap, then rinse with water.

CHEWING-GUM: treat with ethyl alcohol (colorless liquid), then remove mechanically.

BALLPOINT PENS, FELT-TIP PEN, LIPSTICK, SHOE POLISH, OIL, GREASE: dissolve with ethyl alcohol (colorless liquid), dab and then treat with mild detergent, finally rinse well.

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