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Bontempi Casa

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Seating /


Swivel chair with 4 chrome Metal legs, Upholstered and covered shell in Eco Leather and Hide Leather.

Icon Seventy

52x56x82/45 L.P.H.


G093 chrome


TR505 white
TR500 ivory
TR501 beige
TR518 sand
TR519 mud
TR510 brown
TR503 dark brown
TR502 red
TR509 bordeaux
TR514 blue
TR515 cobalt blue
TR516 light grey
TR517 anthracite
TR504 black
Q239 ivory with black stitching
Q257 mud with off-white stitching
Q235 dark brown with off-white stitching
Q259 chocolate with off-white stitching
Q238 red with black stitching
Q032 russian with off-white stitching
Q232 bordeaux with off-white stitching
Q258 brown red with off-white stitching
Q255 light grey with off-white stitching
Q256 blue grey with off-white stitching
Q230 black with off-white stitching
Q429 white
Q406 ivory
Q408 sand
Q437 mud
Q403 dark brown
Q405 red
Q504 russian
Q401 bordeaux
Q438 brown red
Q435 light grey
Q436 blue grey
Q410 anthracite
Q400 black
Q260 blue with off-white stitching
Q440 blue
TR523 hazelnut
TR525 yellow
TR522 old rose
TR521 light green
TR524 dark green