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Tables /


Table with extensions and lacquered Metal frame. Decorative details for legs and top in: Veneer wood, Glossy glass, Velvet matt anti-scratch lacquered glass, SuperCeramic, SuperMarble

Icon Senso

160/210/260X90X75 L.P.H.


M306 white
M312 sand
M307 dark brown
M310 anthracite
M326 natural silver
M325 gold
M327 glossy black
M055 black
M097 light grey
M328 aged brass
M329 rose gold
M028 dark brass


L009 natural oak
L002 spessart oak
L036 walnut
L038 charcoal oak
C150 glossy extrawhite
C166 light grey
C193 glossy dove grey
C196 glossy anthracite
C152 glossy black
C180S white velvet matt
C186S light grey velvet matt
C181S dove grey velvet matt
C183S anthracite velvet matt
C185S black velvet matt
CR003 white
CR005 sand
CR006 Savoia Grey
CR002 anthracite
CR003A white with SuperCeramic extensions
CR005A sand with SuperCeramic extensions
CR006A Savoia grey with SuperCeramic extensions
CR002A anthracite with SuperCeramic extensions
CM007 matt white
CM005 glossy noir desir
CM007A matt white with SuperMarble extensions
CM005A glossy Noir Desir with SuperMarble extensions

Decorative details

L009G natural oak
L002G spessart oak
L036G walnut
L038G charcoal oak
C150G glossy extrawhite
C166G light grey
C193G glossy dove grey
C196G glossy anthracite
C152G glossy black
C180G white velvet matt
C181G dove grey velvet matt
C183G anthracite velvet matt
C186G light grey velvet matt
C185G black velvet matt
CR003G white
CR005G sand
CR002G anthracite
CM007G matt white
CM005G glossy Noir Desir