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Seating /

Clara Barstool

Low barstool with lacquered Metal frame, seat and back upholstered and covered in Eco leather, Premium Eco leather, Technical velvet, Mambo and Lulù fabric, Waterproof Nabuk, Pure Virgin Wool, Velvet, Decò fabric and Premium Nappa Leather. Piping can be matching colour or contrast colour. Also available in the version with quilted backrest (only for Waterproof Nabuk, Eco leather and Premium nappa leather).

Icon Clara Barstool

45x52x98/67 L.P.H.


M306 white
M097 light grey
M312 sand
M028 dark brass
M307 dark brown
M310 anthracite
M055 black
M326 natural silver
M325 gold
M328 aged brass
M329 rose gold
M327 glossy black


TR505 white
TR500 ivory
TR501 beige
TR518 sand
TR519 mud
TR523 hazelnut
TR510 brown
TR503 dark brown
TR502 red
TR509 bordeaux
TR525 yellow
TR522 old rose
TR521 light green
TR524 dark green
TR514 blue
TR515 cobalt blue
TR516 light grey
TR517 anthracite
TR504 black
TRP01 black
TRP02 anthracite
TRP03 grey
TRP04 white
TRP05 mud
TRP06 sand
TRP07 chocolate
TRP08 biscuit
TRP09 curry
TRP10 wheat
TRP11 gold
TRP12 beige
TRP13 golden bronze
TRP14 avio blue
TRP15 blue
TRP16 amaranth
TRP17 mahogany
TRP18 green forest
TR505T white with white piping
TR500T ivory with ivory piping
TR501T beige with beige piping
TR518T sand with sand piping
TR519T mud with mud piping
TR510T brown with brown piping
TR503T dark brown with dark brown piping
TR502T red with red piping
TR509T bordeaux with bordeaux piping
TR514T blue with blue piping
TR515T cobalt blue with cobalt blue piping
TR516T light grey with light grey piping
TR517T anthracite with anthracite piping
TR504T black with black piping
TMA01 white
TMA02 ice
TMA03 light grey
TMA04 dove grey
TMA05 mustard
TMA06 coral gold
TMA07 violet gold
TMA08 turquoise
TMA09 Prussian blue
TMA10 dark brown
TMA11 black gold
TMA12 anthracite
TMA01T white with white piping
TMA02T ice with ice piping
TMA03T light grey with light grey piping
TMA04T dove grey with dove grey piping
TMA05T mustard with mustard piping
TMA06T coral gold with coral gold piping
TMA07T violet gold with violet gold piping
TMA08T turquoise with torquoise piping
TMA09T Prussian blue with prussian blue piping
TMA10T dark brown with dark brown piping
TMA11T black gold with black gold piping
TMA12T anthracite with anthracite piping
TL001 natural
TL002 sand
TL011 melon yellow
TL003 dark brown
TL004 green forest
TL012 acquamarine
TL006 light blue
TL013 blue navy
TL010 powder
TL008 light grey
TL009 anthracite
TL001T natural with natural piping
TL002T sand with sand piping
TL011T melon yellow with melon yellow piping
TL003T dark brown with dark brown piping
TL004T green forest with green forest piping
TL012T acquamarine with acquamarine piping
TL006T light blue with light blue piping
TL013T blue navy with blue navy piping
TL010T powder with powder piping
TL008T light grey with light grey piping
TL009T anthracite with anthracite piping
TN001 white
TN002 sand
TN010 biscuit
TN003 dove grey
TN004 mink
TN009 dark brown
TN008 bordeaux
TN005 light blue
TN006 blue bondi
TN007 anthracite
TN001T white with with piping
TN002T sand with sand piping
TN010T biscuit with biscuit piping
TN003T doovre grey with dove grey piping
TN004T mink with mink piping
TN009T dark brown with dark brown piping
TN008T bordeaux with bordeaux piping
TN005T light blue with light blue piping
TN006T blue bondi with blue bondi piping
TN007T anthracite with anthracite piping
TNS08 pied de poule salt&pepper
TNS08T pied de poule salt&pepper with pied de poule salt&pepper piping
TNS09 rings salt&pepper
TNS09T rings salt&pepper with rings salt&pepper piping
TLU01 ice
TLU02 dove grey
TLU03 salt&pepper
TLU04 dark brown
TLU05 mustard
TLU06 orange violet
TLU07 violet grey
TLU08 powder blue
TLU09 petroleum
TLU01T ice with ice piping
TLU02T dove grey with dove grey piping
TLU03T salt&pepper with salt&pepper piping
TLU04T dark brown with dark brown piping
TLU05T mustard with mustard piping
TLU06T orange violet with orange violet piping
TLU07T violet grey with violet grey piping
TLU08T powder blue with powder blue piping
TLU09T petroleum with petroleum piping
TVE13 old rose
TVE02 dove grey
TVE16 dark brown
TVE03 prune
TVE18 purple red
TVE05 tuby red
TVE04 wine red
TVE06 terracotta
TVE07 muastard
TVE08 yellow
TVE20 dark green
TVE09 emerald green
TVE10 petroleum
TVE11 peacock blue
TVE12 night blue
TVE19 light blue
TVE14 light grey
TVE15 anthracite
TVE17 black
TVE13T old rose with old rose piping
TVE02T dove grey with dove grey piping
TVE16T dark brown with dark brown piping
TVE18T purple red with ourple red piping
TVE05T tuby red with tuby red piping
TVE04T wine red with wine red piping
TVE06T terracotta with terracotta piping
TVE07T muastard with mustard piping
TVE08T yellow with yellow piping
TVE20T dark green with dark green piping
TVE09T emerald green with emerald green piping
TVE10T petroleum with petroleum piping
TVE11T peacock blue with peacock blue piping
TVE12T night blue with night blue piping
TVE19T light blue with light blue piping
TVE14T light grey with light grey piping
TVE15T anthracite with anthracite piping
TVE17T black with black piping
PR02 ivory
PR03 beige
PR04 sand
PR05 light grey
PR06 light green
PR07 old rose
PR08 ice
PR09 grey
PR10 anthracite
PR11 black
PR12 air force blue
PR13 blue
PR14 mud
PR15 hazelnut
PR16 chocolate
PR17 dark brown
PR18 olive green
PR19 dark green
PR20 yellow
PR21 red
PR22 oxide red
PR01T white with white piping
PR02T ivory with ivory piping
PR03T beige with beige piping
PR04T sand with sand piping
PR05T light grey with light grey piping
PR06T light green with light green piping
PR07T old rose with old rose piping
PR08T ice with ice piping
PR09T grey with grey piping
PR10T anthracite with anthracite piping
PR11T black with black piping
PR12T air force blue with air force blue piping
PR13T blue with blue piping
PR14T mud with mud piping
PR15T hazelnut with hazelnut piping
PR16T chocolate with chocolate piping
PR17T dark brown with dark brown piping
PR18T olive green with olive green piping
PR19T dark green with dark green piping
PR20T yellow with yellow piping
PR21T red with red piping
PR22T oxide red with oxide red piping
PR23 dark pink
PR23T dark pink with dar pink piping
PR24 amaranth
PR24T amaranth with amaranth piping
TR523T Hazelnut with hazelnut piping
TR525T Yellow with yellow piping
TR522T Old rose with old rose piping
TR521T Light green with light green piping
TR524T Dark green with dark green piping
TVT02 Peony
TVT03 Cappuccino
TVT04 Coffee
TVT05 Dark mauve
TVT06 Honey
TVT07 Brandy
TVT08 Vermilion red
TVT09 Red grape
TVT10 Blue lagoon
TVT11 Dark blue
TVT12 Stone
TVT13 Lead-grey
TVT14 Black